COVID-19 Response

Photo of a young Black youth wearing a black tee shirt. Written message on the wall behind him reads, "Tomorrow will bring good things. Stay alive to see it."

Take Action for Foster Youth in Crisis
COVID-19 Update from Women United

Our Women United membership is dedicated to ensuring local foster youth are prepared for a successful transition to independence and ready for success in life.
What does that mean now? While many youth in foster care are working to overcome challenges, the COVID pandemic has added even more barriers to their success. How can we be part of the solution?

Support Financial Stability for Foster Youth


Foster Youth in Crisis
COVID-19 Update from Women United

Across California, the coronavirus pandemic has only made foster youth situations worse. 

Children and youth in foster care have already survived a lifetime of change and uncertainty. For these children and teenagers, changes like what they are encountering right now during COVID-19 can trigger traumatic memories or symptoms. 


United Way Response to COVID-19 Health Crisis
How We're Responding and Helping

United Way California Capital Region (UWCCR) is responding to the Coronavirus COVID-19 health crisis in a variety of ways to ensure the health and safety of our staff and community programs. Below is an update of how we’ve been able to ensure continuity of operations and vital community programs as well as the announcement of our UWCCR COVID-19 Local Relief Fund.