Community Engagement


VITA volunteer spotlight
Pat Ganz, Tax Wiz

Pat Granz is the definition of a life-long volunteer. She started accompanying her mother to volunteer opportunities as soon as she could walk and it has become a tradition of a life devoted to serving her community. When I first met her, her spirit and can-do attitude were among the first things I noticed. She stands firm in her convictions and always talks positively about her family and friends.


Youth Volunteer Directory

Are you a youth or teen or parent of a youth or teen and looking to get involved in the community through volunteering? The Youth Volunteer Directory is a comprehensive directory of nonprofit organizations that welcome youth as volunteers. This document was created by the City of Sacramento and DOVIA Sacramento.

In addition to this helpful document which provides you with a shortcut to take action, you may also find opportunities on the online United Way Volunteer Center.

Students from SUW show off the books they labeled in their first project on campus

Volunteers Making an Impact for the Holidays
Student United Way #Happy2Help

Leading up to the holidays, we give thanks to everyone who has made an impact in the Sacramento region during what can be a difficult time for those in our community. We have been working on several long-term projects that couldn’t have been completed without the help of volunteers like you and those we tell stories about below.


A mural for United Way supporters
Located on 14th between H & I

We have dedicated a mural to our volunteers, donors and community partners for their commitment to our mission and vision in 2014.

About the mural: United Passion

This mural symbolizes the body and passion of United Way California Capital Region. The arm is powerful, nimble and diverse, representing United Way’s unique position in our community. The hand represents a combined caring devotion from our donors, volunteers and community partners.


Employee Volunteer Opportunities

What if managers could encourage their employees to leave early, take a long lunch, or come in late? Chaos?!?  Not exactly. Such encouragement could actually have numerous benefits for the company when made in the context of an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP). EVPs allow companies to share a different kind of resource with their community—the human kind. By donating their own staff, sometimes even during the workday, businesses can again reach out to their community and make a difference in a way that solves a local need, creates more satisfied employees, and a tighter community