Community Building at Mirasol Village


Community Organizing at Mirasol Village

four people, of various ages, standing close together

United Way California Capital Region is partnering with Urban Strategies Inc. to support its goal of empowering Mirasol residents to channel their unique qualities into organic leadership by providing advocacy, and community engagement training and support.

Why is this important?

The Mirasol Village Housing project places residents at the center of our work, empowering community members to determine their biggest areas of concern and leverage their strengths toward achieving those ends, while United Way provides the necessary resources, training, and support to get there. Through putting people first, sustainable community development can be achieved, resulting in long-term poverty alleviation.

How it Works  

This project contains three phases. The first phase consists of one-on-one, intentional meetings with Mirasol residents meant to determine their interests, values and desires. Phase two involves the creation of community social networks or “power groups” based on common values, desires and strengths. In between monthly meetings, power group members will meet with community stakeholders who have power or authority in the issue they are working to address. In phase three United Way will take a step back, only providing the necessary support and tools to encourage sustainability of power groups and leadership succession.