Board of Directors


Board of Directors

United Way California Capital Region’s Board of Directors is a dynamic group of local leaders who develop and oversee United Way’s mission, vision and policies. They are also committed to expanding the Square One project throughout our region. 

For more information on the Board of Directors, contact Cynthia Jimenez.


David Bowen, Community Leader

Dave Cable, Bank of America

Brad Freeburg, UPS

David Greenly, U.S. Bank

Kim Hewitt, IBM

Fawzia Keval, Community Leader

Steven Lins, SMUD

Ruth Miller, WSR Insurance

Carolyn S. Mullins, Community Leader

George Myers , Community Leader

Paul Navazio, Community Leader

Dr. Richard Pan, State Senate

John Purcell, Unfold

Julie Quinn, Deloitte

Randy Rojas, Business Representative DC 16/Local 1237

Joaquin Razo, St. Helena Chamber of Commerce

Fabrizio G. Sasso, Sacramento Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Dr. Vanessa Sheared, Closing the Gap

Michael Simonds, Nationwide

Jeremiah Smith, First Northern Bank

Oyango Snell, Western States Petroleum Association

Barbara Swartos, California Health & Wellness

Velma Sykes, Community Leader

Allen R. Taylor, Business Development Consulting

Carolyn M. Turpin, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Mark Ullrich, Ullrich Delevati CPA’s

David C. Wilson, Grant Bennett Associates, CPA



Steve Lins, Board Chair,  SMUD

Oyango Snell, Board Vice Chair, Western States Petroleum Association

David Bowen, Treasurer, Community Leader 

Dave Cable, Immediate Past Chair, Bank of America

Stephanie McLemore Bray, Corporate Secretary/President & CEO, United Way California Capital Region