AARP Foundation helps seniors back to work, two are now in the United Way office


Through the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), United Way California Capital Region has a partnership with AARP locally to host two part-time AARP members and program participants to staff the front desk of our busy office. The AARP Foundation provides an opportunity for seniors to gain valuable experience to help get back to work. AARP Foundation and SCSEP, believe that achieving the American Dream is possible for everyone, regardless of age. SCSEP offers paid job training to eligible citizens in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The SCSEP training allows participants to earn money while they develop skills to compete in the job market. The program is funded by American tax dollars and run by non-profit organizations. AARP Foundation operates SCSEP in 22 states and is one of the nation’s largest providers of this program. SCSEP helps people age 55+ find work, develop new skills, and build their financial security. It is  a joy having our two AARP volunteers here now for the past few months. This is a successful collaboration and we wanted you to hear about it straight from Loraine and Kevin, our two AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program members.

Loraine C., AARP Volunteer: 
Lorraine C, United Way California Capital RegionI have been working as an AARP Volunteer at United Way since September. AARP has placed me here so that I can improve my skills and people say it is easier to find a job when you have a job. I love helping people and working at United Way is one way I get to do just that. I was a preschool teacher until the preschool I worked at had to close due to the economy. However, I’ve had an amazing year. I went to AARP, SETA, Bayside Career Coaching, Good Will, and I took an Office technology class and now I am the receptionist for United Way through the AARP program. The people are great and so helpful it is exciting to be a part of something so great. I have been able to help with many projects, such as preparing the rings for the women’s philanthropy luncheon, coordinating the teddy bears for the Our Promise campaign, making stars for the celebration of a new playground, and other duties that needed to be done. Giving back is necessary in every community because it not only helps and makes people feel good about themselves, but gives you a great feeling of doing something that matters. I feel that when you help others then you do not seem to dwell as much on what is or is not happening in your own life. And when you’re happy then others are happy to be around you.

Kevin G., AARP Volunteer: 
Kevin G, United Way California Capital RegionThank you for this wonderful opportunity to express how much I appreciate how United Way has opened it’s door to partner with AARP in an effort to help elderly people get back into the work force. Personally I have been unemployed for eight years and getting back into the groove by working here at United Way has given me the needed support from the wonderful staff here. I have worked in areas that I have never worked before and under great supervision. I can now put new skills on my resume to work in different areas of employment. Thank you, United Way for your support.

Thank you Kevin and Loraine for all you do! To learn more about the AARP Senior Community Service Employment Program, click here.