You’ve got to have a square to spare
Toilet Paper Drive Blog Series

Pam DinsmoreThe Sacramento Bee

It’s not something that most people talk about. Yet, it’s a necessity of life – more of a necessity if you have teenagers in the house. Can’t tell you how many times we’ve looked out the front window only to find a winter-like scene in the front yard - the work of high school pranksters. It’s not fun spending the morning picking it off the wet lawn and out of the tall trees. And what a waste to find complete rolls left behind!

It’s the subject of one of the most memorable Seinfeld scenes - Elaine Benes  in the stall asking to for help only to be told by the person in the next stall, she doesn’t have a “square to spare.” It’s been squeezed (the Charmin) and called something entirely different when it’s advertised in the newspaper (bath tissue). But we all know what it is.

It’s TOILET PAPER and it has taken the United Way to wipe out the stigma out of that essential product so that nonprofit organizations don’t have to spend precious dollars on a necessity.

That’s why The Sacramento Bee has been a supporter of the United Way Toilet Paper Drive from Day 1. We support the effort with advertising in The Bee and participation at the event. Come join us this year.

Surely, you have a square to spare.

Pam Dinsmore is the Director of Community Affairs at The Sacramento Bee. The Sacramento Bee is a proud event sponsor of the United Way Toilet Paper Drive.


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