Amber Murry and Katie Weber

Working together

Amber Lovett

I had an amazing opportunity to attend an Executive Resource Development Institute Conference funded by the Lilly Grant in Boston last week. My co-worker, Katie Weber, has been involved with the institute for awhile. The institute is focused on helping United Ways in major markets around the country fundraise more effectively. This conference was focused on folding in the marketing and impact areas of our organization with the resource development department. We have big impact goals here at our United Way that we’re working to achieve in the next seven to 10 years like ensuring all students graduate from high school, empowering people to be economically self-sufficient and improving people’s health by reducing obesity. We were able to work together at this conference and realize how all of our marketing and fundraising work really rolls up into these impact goals. Without achieving these goals and improving the lives of people in our community, we are not successful. I was really able to walk away from the conference with specific action items on what I can do in marketing to see my piece in those goals more clearly. It was a great time to LIVE UNITED by example and see how we all can work together. It was also amazing to see a new city for my first time and Boston was quite a treat!


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