Why don’t we ask students what they think?

The Education Impact Council is researching how to increase graduation rates in our region. Council members wanted to know what makes some students graduate from High School and what causes other students to drop out. The Council said, “why don’t we ask students what they think”. Outreach was conducted in many places that served different youth. We talked to foster youth, homeless youth, youth in continuation schools, youth in private schools, youth in public elementary, middle and high schools throughout our five county region. We thought we would get back a few surveys and get a general idea of what students thought. To our surprise we received 625 completed surveys. It was so much information we were overwhelmed. We reached out to the Sacramento State University Graduate School of Education for help. They have agreed to analyze the data and give us a report. The Graduate School of Education was so excited about the data that they are already working on different projects featuring the information we got from youth. Look for results in the near future. If you are interested in joining the group of volunteers on the Education Impact Council that oversee the Education focus area, contact impact@uwccr.org


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