Who doe$n’t want to $ave money?
My story about using keepyourtaxrefund.com

Post Diana Vo

With a big push from United Way and other important community partners to get the word out about the www.keepyourtaxrefund.com website, I found myself telling folks in our community about this awesome resource and received some questions I couldn’t answer. I’m the kind of guy who wants to fully get behind something I’m asking others to do, so naturally my solution was to use the website myself to complete my 2013 tax return. In the past I’ve used other online software and with this website being FREE to those with income under $58,000 in 2013 and reduced cost compared to other ways to file for those who make over $58,000, how could I resist?

So, on a quiet night at home with my puppy curled up on my lap, I got out the laptop, found my W-2 and other pertinent documents and got to work (all while watching the most embarrassing of reality show secret guilty pleasures which I will not publicly admit here). I accessed the link through the United Way homepage and was easily guided through the process by the H&R Block software the program uses. Everything was clear—there were no hidden fees or any suspicious links or advertisements—just standard tax software data input and calculations. In fact, it was probably some of the most user friendly software I’ve encountered. Now here it is late January and I am already done with my taxes AND saved a ton of money completing them. That feels good. The money I saved will now go back into our local economy on my next visit to the grocery store. Okay, you caught me—maybe I’ll go out to a nice dinner at my favorite local restaurant instead. I deserve it, right?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity because www.keepyourtaxrefund.com is open for everyone to use.

So, where will you spend the money you save?


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