Wells Fargo Volunteers have our fun and paint it too…
Guest Blog

Janice Nessland, Wells Fargo Merchant Services

On Friday October 5th, the Wells Fargo Merchant Services team of Northern California took some time out of our day to do some volunteering with the Developmental Disabilities Service Organization (DDSO).

We were a team of 9 there to learn about the organization and to do some painting, for their new multipurpose meditation and relaxation room.

We got there around 1 p.m., all decked out in our Wells Fargo Volunteer shirts – ready to work. But first, we took a quick tour of the facilities and learned about the work done there. We went in to a meeting where several participants were working on a video project, and they took some time to tell us about what all they specialize in and do. From there, we hit the art studio – and saw some great paintings and art pieces that many of the program participants had created. Off to the quad to meet some of the people that will be able to use the room once it is completed, and receive a little thank you from them. Some meet and greet and picture time and then off to the task at hand.

There were two rooms in front of us and blue was the color of choice. We found out that our fearless leader Lisa has never painted before, Bart is very particular about precision, and Candace makes some great treats! It only took us a couple hours to get the rooms completed, which included the prep-work of taping and then of course cleaning up. There was also plenty of time for some photo ops where some of us may have gotten a little out of hand!

Our team was also happy to donate $301 from our own pockets to go towards the funding of the project. It was a great opportunity for our team to get together and build as a group, but more so, it was a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to get out into the community that we work in, and give back a little – because at the end of the day, it was us who was given the most with the thanks we were given.

Janice Nessland is a Business Sales Consultant with Wells Fargo Merchant Services in the Sacramento region and coordinated her team’s volunteer efforts by partnering with United Way California Capital Region and certified partner DDSO.


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