Toilet Paper Wave is Rolling Across Our Community

With the our 2nd Annual LIVE UNITED Toilet Paper Drive just around the corner, our local business partners are feeling the spirit. As United Way Staffers, we are constantly impressed with the culture of creativity and the giving spirit shown by our customers.

As we travel across our five country region, the spirit of giving is in the air. Downtown at State Street, volunteers are working hard to fill the office of their Senior Vice President, Rick Young, with toilet paper. What a good sport! Across the river in West Sacramento, C&S Wholesale/Sac Logistics employees are eagerly gathering toilet paper to donate. In Folsom, the employees of CSAC Excess Insurance Authority have challenged the employees of Schools Insurance Authority to a TP World Cup 2010. The TP World Cup will be complete with a Golden TP Trophy to the business who collects the most toilet paper, a creative TP tower contest and BBQ to celebrate the fun. In Rocklin, a UPS supervisor gave each of his drivers a small square of toilet paper as they started their day to remind them to donate. The very next day, over 300 rolls of toilet paper came flying in! As we head towards Cal Expo where the drive will take place, the employees of Nationwide (located directly across the street from Cal Expo) are working hard to build some enthusiasm. The Nationwide volunteers have a few tricks up their sleeves with a secret plan to creatively deliver their TP over to Cal Expo. These are just a few examples of some of the fun ways our corporate partners are participating.

It isn’t too late! If your company is interested in doing something fun or creative for the toilet paper drive, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


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