Toilet Paper & The Bottom Line
TP Drive Blog Series

Nicole England, Intel

Toilet paper is a funny thing. It has been a constant staple in our lives and we often times take it for granted. To be honest, before getting involved with the UW’s TP Drive, the only time I ever actively thought about TP was when:

1. I would realize (yes, after the fact) that the roll had run out (YIKES!)
2. I would see it streaming generously from the tall trees around the neighborhood as a child (I later realized that this was not for “decoration”)

Three years ago I started taking an active interest in toilet paper, or I suppose you could say I stopped taking it for granted.  I realized—after 25 years of being an active user of this product—that it was not free, it was a necessity, and just about every place I visited was stocked with it. 

AN ASIDE:  If I think of the site I work on, there are over 35 restrooms—with over 175 stalls—with over 350 rolls fully stocked at any given time. I won’t even begin to decipher usage rates (LOL!).   That is a TON of TP!!

Being an Analyst by trade, it HIT me—Toilet Paper was an expense, it cost MONEY— DOLLARS—DINERO!  And boy oh boy do we use it—all the time!

When I first started participating in the United Way Toilet Paper Drive three years ago, I was astonished to learn what benefits we were affording our local non-profits simply by providing a necessity—Simply by donating rolls of toilet paper. By taking care of an everyday need, the nonprofits can actively focus their scarce monetary resources on valuable initiatives to support their purpose. HOW COOL IS THAT!?! 

The Bottom Line is this:  Toilet paper is an expense. 

If we remove that expense for our local nonprofits (via:DONATIONS!! YAY!), they can re-invest those valuable dollars into areas that will have an impact—into areas that will make a difference! 

What do you think?  Are you in?

Nicole England is a family focused young professional who is passionate about giving back to the community through the Intel and UWCCR partnership.


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