Time to say thanks

Amber Lovett

Tis the season for thanking our nonprofit agency partners, donors and campaign coordinators for their hard work. We recently thanked our nonprofit agency partners at an appreciation event last week. We invited each of our nonprofit agency partners to bring an outstanding volunteer so we could also thank them for their commitment. Agencies submitted some information about the volunteer and a photo. We hung the profiles along a wall at the event (see below).

Most of the guests were blown away by the volunteer stories like Tammy who volunteers for the Children’s Receiving Home. Tammy helps ensure that the clothing room at the Children’s Receiving Home is well stocked and organized so that no matter what size or age or gender that child is when they come to the home, they always have clothes and shoes on hand—clean, folded and ready to go. Or Yanira from WEAVE. Yanira helps with reaching out to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault who may not know about WEAVE’s services or are afraid to seek help because they’re afraid. Her ongoing community outreach educates teens and adults about violence prevention and ways to support victims and their families. Yanira’s passion has encouraged members of the community to take necessary action to support victims by making a donation to WEAVE or becoming a WEAVE volunteer.

These are the kinds of people that help nonprofits provide crucial services to members of our community, and on behalf of United Way, we’re so happy to say thank you.


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