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TP Drive Blog Series

Scott Moak, 3fold Communications

United Way California Capital Region is about ready to embark on it again.  “What is IT?” you ask.  Oh…you know. It is the most pun-friendly event of the year. The annual Toilet Paper Drive! We actually like to refer to this one-day event as a “toilet paper movement”. Yes…you see where this is headed.

Certainly this 4th annual event allows for our regions’ nonprofits to receive a little boost in their bottom line. With budgets being eliminated at every turn, United Way has created a way to assist nonprofits in one of the most innovative ways ever – allowing for local nonprofits to wipe away the fear of not spending their dollars on direct services.

Believe it or not, nonprofits in our region spend tens-of-thousands of dollars annually on toilet paper – which quite simply: stinks. This simple staple flushes away valuable funding that could be used to expand programs, reach more people and impact more lives.

Luckily our local United Way is giving nonprofits more than just toilet paper. Behind the support of a solid leader in Steve Heath, is an amazing executive and program team and a Marketing Committee that represent a wide-range of marketing expertise (minus the schmuck who is writing this blog post and has no expertise at all)…the United Way is giving us all a clean streak towards hope – that a day filled with goodness and an overwhelming number of pun-opportunities can accomplish many things.  Laughter. Goodness. More laughter. Joy. Even more laughter. Optimism.  And puns.

Scott Moak is the Director of Nonprofit Services at 3fold Communications and a proud member of the Marketing Committee at United Way California Capital Region.


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