Still learning about our agencies

Amber Lovett

It’s that time of year again: tours & speakers training with our certified agencies partners. We give the agencies some guidance regarding the presentations they make to employees at local companies during the United Way campaign. I lead the marketing section of the training and go through the basics of what their presentations should look and sound like. This year, we introduced the LIVE UNITED messaging to the agencies and they really grabbed onto it.

My favorite part of the trainings has been when we break up into small groups and practice the presentation like they would if they were at UPS, Intel or any of the other 750 employers that run United Way giving campaigns.

I’m always amazed by how much I learn about the agencies when they do their practice presentations. I’ve worked for United Way since 2001 and sometimes I think I know all about the work the agencies do, but the presentations always amaze me. Especially now. The need of the community is so great and the resources of the agencies have been cut, yet the results they’re achieving are incredible.

We always encourage them to focus on a success story in their presentations, and I’m still thinking about the story Jacqueline from WEAVE shared. She talked about how she was with a sexual assault victim through the hospitalization/examination process and how physically and emotionally damaged this woman had been over long-term abuse. This woman, however, was able to leave her abuser with WEAVE’s support and now is a volunteer helping other women get through the same process.

I was reminded how much work our nonprofits accomplish every day in our local community, and how they really do need our support more than ever. I had that line in their sample messaging and it really hit home this past week. Let’s remember to LIVE UNITED this year and give them the support they need.


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