Source of inspiration

Tom Bennett

As I am reflecting on the various accomplishments that United Way has undertaken in the past few months, I realized the enormity of the tasks we have set for ourselves, increasing graduation rates, helping households become financial self-sufficient and impacting obesity rates. At times, I feel like a very small fish in a very large pond. However, I seem to be able to inspiration in any number of places. At present, my inspiration is coming from our nonprofit agencies as they prepare for another campaign season.

Currently we are in the process of doing our Tours and Speakers training. These training are held each year to help agencies fine-tune their presentations that they will be presenting during the campaign season to our state, federal and corporate customers. As in years past, this year we have a mix of veterans and newcomers to public speaking. The veterans are the season pros’ who know their stories and can communicate the passion they have for changing people’s life with practice ease.

Some the newcomers can be overwhelmed with trying to get the right story and making sure that they say all the talking points. However, as we practice their speeches at the end of the training sessions, what really comes across is the unending commitment to helping other. This passion comes through sometimes unspoken, but is alight in the faces as they describe a person whom they have helped.

As always, the trainings have include laughter, some tears, applause and as always helps to re-energize me each year to strive the help make this region better place.


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