Son tells how he LIVES UNITED

Tom Bennett

For this week’s blog, I thought I would do something different. I have decided to have a guest blogger, my son Josh. Josh is 10 years old and he participated in last months ‘Live United” launch. So I asked him to write this weeks blog on how he Lives United.

What does LIVE UNITED mean to you?

Live United means do good things with out other people asking and have fun doing it. This would be like taking care of others and always helping people. I think this is important because one good deed leads to another, that mean if we all help someone they will help us when we need it.

How do you LIVE UNITED?

I “Live United” by helping other people every day and volunteering for a tutoring to help kids get good grades. I also donated four turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas for the food bank out of my own money. I also did the United Way flash mob at the mall. This was very fun. Sometimes I go to work with my dad and help out at United Way.

I am very proud of my son and his attitude about helping others. Whenever I need a reason why it is important to Live United I just have to look at my role model, my son.

Tom Bennett is a father of two, and husband of 11 years with over 20 years working in the nonprofit fields.


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