Sharing the Gift of Reading
Thank you STAR Readers Book Drive donors & partners

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. – Joseph Brodsky

Last Friday over 660 children were given a great gift, a brand new book!  For the past couple of weeks, United Way with support from the Sacramento Bee, Barnes and Noble, KVIE and the Sacramento Library have conducted a book drive to support our Star Readers Program.

Over 50% of the student’s in our region will not pass their third grade reading proficiency test.  This will only lead to many of these children later struggling in school, as they lack the foundation on which all academic skills are built.   Most school subjects taught are based on a simple concept – Read, Synthesize, Analyze, and Process information. Without the help of our donors and corporate sponsors, the students in the Star Readers project would fall farther and farther behind their peers who are reading at grade level.

Not only will the over 660 students in the Star Readers project enjoy the simple pleasure of reading a book of their very own,  with the support of our funded nonprofit agencies we will be one step closer to reaching our goal of children reading at grade level in 4th grade and beyond.  Thank you to everyone  who helped share the gift of reading by donating to the STAR Readers Book Drive.

See photos from the our STARRY Night with Star Readers!



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