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Sacramento Young Professionals Step it Up
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Catherine Mattesich

There is a certain buzz in Sacramento right now. Perhaps it is the start of the holiday season, or the excitement surrounding our ever-expanding organizations and hip events around town. I have to say, right now is a great time to be a young professional in Sacramento. I was lucky enough to find out about the United Way’s Emerging Leader’s Program last month by happenstance. I joined the Emerging Leaders Program Steering Committee on a crisp, fall night at Cafe Bernardo, where we talked about the impressive leadership and community service efforts our peers are engaging in over our dinner.

I was inspired by the women and men on this committee, and was committed to joining in their efforts to get the twenties and thirties involved in philanthropy. Giving to those in need is no longer something that just middle-aged or the elderly communities can engage in. Individuals in high school as young fifteen years old are engaging in community service. So that begs the question, what are the professionals in their twenties and thirties doing to ensure that the next generation has an even better world to live in? The steps can be taken now and here to make our community and even our world a better one. And a great way to be a part of the cause is to join the Emerging Leaders Program. Join us!

Catherine Mattesich is an attorney and a native Sacramentan. She graduated with distinction from pacific McGeorge School of Law in 2010, and subsequently moved to Geneva, Switzerland to work as a legal fellow at International Bridges to Justice. Since her return to California, she has been having a blast re-discovering all that Sacramento has to offer to young professionals. 


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