Roybal’s Rants!
Emerging Leaders Blog Series

Christine A. Roybal, Sacramento Habitat for Humanity

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love my job as the Director of Volunteer Services for Sacramento Habitat for Humanity and I LOVE to rant. So you can imagine my unbridled excitement when Cole, our Sacramento United Way Go-to, asked if I would be interested in writing a blog about my involvement in the United Way Emerging Leaders program.  I have a hearty sense of humor- you have to when your job is managing over 3,000 volunteers a year! Sometimes, even with my 3 kids away at college, I feel like the Momma Goose of Habitat running around, wings a-fluttering, just trying to keep all our little geese on track and on schedule.  But all the ranting and the fluttering are all worth it when our hard working little geese and I get to hand the keys to the family for their newly constructed home. 

I couldn’t be more sincere in my excitement about joining the UWCCR Emerging Leaders program.United Way’s Emerging Leaders is more than just another networking opportunity; it’s an opportunity to truly engage with other dynamic professional members of the community who are interested in making positive and permanent change in our region. If you have a desire to make change in our community or even if you’re just tired of feeling philanthropically lethargic and are looking for a meaningful way to give back, I would encourage you to come see what this is all about. In the very least, the people are amazing and the events are fabulous. 

Ranting Roybal Signing off!   

Christine A. Roybal is the Director of Volunteer Services at Sacramento Habitat for Humanity and a proud member of the Emerging Leaders Steering Committee.


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