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Toilet Paper Drive Blog Series

Next Move Joseph RamosNext Move (Formerly Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center)

What would you do with an extra $5000? Clearly this is not a typical question, but certainly a question that generates quite the discussion. I called my mother to get her take on the matter and no sooner did I finish my sentence, the phrase “I’d go to Reno!” greeted me on the other end of the phone. My mother was candid and truthful in her answer and it got me thinking about the instincts in all of us. Having an extra five grand would lighten my stress load for sure. Between gas prices, student loans, going out to dinner, and entertainment I could probably spend that amount in my sleep. Then I got to thinking, what about the people that I work for? The men, women, and children who struggle to scrounge up enough money for a bus pass or who pinch pennies to put food on the table… what about the families of Next Move?

Formerly, Sacramento Area Emergency Housing Center, Next Move is dedicated to ending homelessness and increasing self-reliance. For over 40 years, it has been a leading force in supporting families in crisis in the Greater Sacramento area and it is an organization that today serves approximately 2000 people annually. As many nonprofit agencies do, Next Move relies on grant funding and donations to help us fulfill our mission. Like many of the families that we serve, we too, are in the business of being fiscally aware… So aware that we are incredibly grateful to be a part of United Way’s 5th Annual LIVE UNITED Toilet Paper Drive. As a partner agency for this drive, we may be able to save – you guessed it… $5000, which is what we spent on toilet paper for all of 2012!

The success of this Toilet Paper Drive has the potential to not just erase this huge expense for Next Move, but also for so many other wonderful programs in the area. It isn’t everyday that we get to save on program costs. Running the Family Shelter means supplying food, toiletries, bus passes, blankets, linens, and more on a daily basis to people who depend on us for help. Every cent saved is always used for program improvements and you better believe that we could do a lot with an extra $5000!

On June 13th, Next Move staff will be at Cal Expo as “Paper-azzi” to help collect and unload donations. We are excited to work with United Way staff and can guarantee that it’ll be a drive to remember. As United Way gears up to raise 190,000 rolls of toilet paper, I have no doubt that many folks will trust their instincts and join in the fun. There are plenty of ways to make a difference and YOU can do so one roll at a time! It may not be that fancy trip to Reno, but every contribution will definitely go far. And guess what? I even made my mother promise to donate.

Joseph Ramos is the Community Partnerships Coordinator at Next Move (Formerly SAEHC).



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