Resolve to Make Your Purchases Count

You already know the impact United Way California Capital Region has upon our community. As we move ahead with ambitious new focus areas around Education, Health and Income, I wanted to take this time at the beginning of a new year to let you know about an opportunity for you to make your online purchases count toward the programs our volunteers engage in everyday.

Cafegive makes it easy for you to give back every time you shop online.By linking top merchants with nonprofits, Cafegive donates a percentage of every sale to your local United Way. This is not limited to a small handful or web retails, these are the stores you think of most when shopping for your self and others.

No matter who or what you are shopping for this year Cafegive provides a one-stop location to find what you are looking for. Buy that special outfit from Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s to Target, Kohl’s and Old Navy…you shop our community earns! Need gift cards? Visit Starbucks, Home Depot or iTunes. With over 550 stores to choose from, Cafegive has it all. They even have a tab with Hot Deals and free shipping offers! What could be easier?

When you click the links in this blog you will be earning with every purchase and if you share the link with your family and friends they will be earning for United Way with you.

Become an advocate today. Sign up at the website and post it to your Facebook page. Book mark the site and remember in 2011 to Resolve to make your purchases count for good with United Way California Capital Region and Cafegive.


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