The Queen’s Speech

While most people have heard of the Oscar award-winning movie, “The King’s Speech,” few have heard of “The Queen’s Speech.”  Although not made into an award-winning  production, it is a true story about a young Texas girl’s desire to manage her speech impediment known as stuttering.   What seemed to be years of tears and countless embarrassing moments  due to her inability to communicate effectively without stumbling over her words,  this young “Queen,” through determination and hard work was able to effectively manage this obstacle. She currently leads a wonderfully exciting life filled with blessings and I know this for a fact, for I am the “Queen!”

Not having the ability to communicate effectively is a very difficult obstacle to overcome, and I have spent many of my adult year’s teaching individuals how to overcome the fear of public speaking.  As the Director of the California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC), I have the opportunity to training countless state employees how to administer an educational charitable giving campaign, which includes a lot of public speaking.  Also, as a member of Women in Philanthropy, I was recently blessed with the opportunity to address the same topic with the young adults of Koinonia Family House, a foster and adoption agency.

This day was truly remarkable.  Instilling the importance of communicating effectively into the young men and women at this agency was priceless.  Giving them the confidence and tools they need to be successful in the public speaking world was indescribable.  It was by far one of the most amazing workshops I have taught. 

I shared the “Queen” story with them and they were amazed.  Coincidentally, one of my attendees was afflicted with the same condition.  Letting her know that I too was once in her shoes really made an impact.  She found something that day that she had not seen in a while: HOPE.  Just knowing that someone knew what she was going through resonated with her.  We formed a bond that day that is unbreakable. 

Although I do not have endless “treasures,” I do have an endless supply of “time and talent” and I was so fortunate to be able to share my story and provide this young group of teens with the skills they need to be effective public speakers.   I am looking forward to working with this amazing agency in the future and I would encourage anyone reading this blog to do the same!  I promise, it will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.


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