Positivity is contagious

Kaila Ricci

I’m approaching my six month mark at United Way and I’m still amazed daily by the kind and positive people who I am surrounded with. Whether it be a co-worker, a volunteer, a donor or a certified nonprofit partner staff member, it’s apparent we all share the same sense of dedication and benevolence toward advancing the common good.

With that said, it’s important to recognize that staff and those involved with United Way are also highly aware of the adversity effecting our region. We see and hear about foster youth concerns, the rise of obesity, staggering poverty levels, and disheartening education issues. We work hand-in-hand with those who are trying to solve these problems.

So how do you breed positivity when you are informed of the adversity? It’s knowing that you can make a difference. It’s being aware of how you fit into the solution. It’s believing that your efforts will develop into a greater change and by understanding what it means to truly LIVE UNITED.

I’ve always loved this saying and it reflects my previous statements, so I’ll end with this, “Positivity is contagious.”


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