One roll of TP at a time…

That’s all it takes to help support a nonprofit in your community. But of course, our supporters did much more. I recently volunteered at United Way’s  3rd annual LIVE UNITED toilet paper drive event. I have just passed my three year mark working here at United Way and I have been fortunate enough to attend this event every year and be part of its success in collecting over 77,000 rolls. With our Sac-Val sponsorship, we totaled over 115,000 rolls. Amazing!
For those of you that are not aware of this event, our local United Way does a toilet paper drive that benefits our 142 certified non-profit organizations in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. The recipient organizations are then able to save this expense (some totaling thousands of dollars) and use it toward their programs benefiting the community.

Every year, I am both excited and amazed to meet such great volunteers. People who take time out of their personal lives or volunteer through their workplace to help support a great cause. Some familiar faces from our past events while meeting many new ones. For the volunteer group that I was leading, one individual stood out and received our hard working volunteer award. This was Joshua Katz, recipient of Sacramento Mountain Lions tickets. Not just a volunteer, he was also a leader making sure everyone was helping to their full potential. When being chosen for this gift, his comment was that he was just here to help!

These volunteer opportunities are a great way for me to get away from behind the computer for a few hours. I always look forward to meeting both the companies and agencies that we partner with. To see first hand the impact that we make on a daily basis.

For those of you who think that one person can not make a difference, I challenge you to donate your time and try volunteering for a day. This is the easiest way to give back in this time of economic hardships. I invite everyone to check United Way’s calendar of events. These list our events as well as our certified nonprofits. There are many opportunities for everyone and it is an experience that will change your life while positively affecting others.


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