#NoExcuses with NBC’s The Biggest Loser Coach, Dolvett Quince
A day of fitness and learning with the United Way's Fit Kids program and the Emerging Leaders

Deseanae BluiettIntel Corporation

In November, United Way’s Emerging Leaders volunteered at #NoExcuses, a United Way Fit Kid’s event. Thanks to great timing and bit of serendipity, we were able to recruit NBC’s The Biggest Loser Coach Dolvett Quince to lead the event.

More than 200 kids ages 4-16 from United Way’s Fit Kids program gathered at the downtown YMCA for the event. Emerging Leaders volunteered to work with the kids, leading them through various stretches, exercises and cool dance moves to get them limber and ready for their workout with Dolvett. 

noexcuses4_0.jpgDolvett was welcomed on stage by a boisterous crowd.  The kids were enthusiastic and excited, asking him lots of great questions and even getting his autograph. After the Q&A session, Dolvett lead the group in a pretty intense workout. Needless to say, most of the volunteers were winded by the end! 

Dolvett was a great contributor to the United Way’s Fid Kids program and the event was great. The best part was seeing the kids have fun and get exciting about ways to get moving and stay fit!

Deseanae Bluiett enjoys traveling, grilling with friends and is passionate about improving education in the local community.


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