New Year’s Resolution… FAIL!
Emerging Leaders Blog Series

Rocky Regino, Bank of America

Yup. It is already the end of March. That means a staggering 43% (1) of us will have already given up on our New Year’s resolution. I can hear your thoughts so I know you are thinking, “No way! I am no quitter!” but then you realize your resolution was to, in fact, quit something (which you did not do). So then because you are a smarty-pants you decide to mentally project to me, “I haven’t given up on my New Year’s resolution, Rocky!Now get out of my brain!” and that is when I have to bust you out as one of the 35% (2) of people who made a resolution but never even started it. Finally resigned, you wonder, “Rocky, are you ever going to get to your point? I am in the airport and I just started reading this because I thought it might be interesting, but now because of you I had to explain to a very hands-y TSA officer that I am making weird faces because I am trying to project my thoughts into your brain.” The answer, my friend, is yes. I am going to get to my point……. eventually. Just kidding!

My point is this:

So many New Year’s resolutions fail because they are based around improvements (real or imagined) that we feel we need to make to ourselves. When we are focused solely on ourselves and only accountable to ourselves it is proven that only 18% (3) of us can actually follow through with our resolutions. So I propose that we take a stand here and now. We throw out the old resolutions and focus on a new goal– one which impacts not only our own lives but also the lives of others! Now you are wondering, “But, Rocky, how can I do this? Who will help me? When will the TSA officers take these plastic cuffs off me and let me have my one phone call?” The answer to all these questions is the same: The UWCCR’s Emerging Leaders program!  The Emerging Leader’s Program can help you become involved in your community and hook you up with some cool people (5)  who will help you to be accountable for your part of the great effort we are putting forth building up a strong network of public service. When we share our resolutions with others we are 54% (6) more likely to accomplish our goals and we get 96% (7) more awesome .

So join us in our official New Year’s Resolution redux!

<3 Rocky

P.S.- I cannot hear your thoughts any longer so I will take that as a sign that they had to use tranquilizers. Sleep tight!

 1. Made up statistic
 2. Made up statistic
 3. Made up statistic
 4. Well it was at least the answer to two of those questions….
 5. Me
 6. I googled this one, okay?
 7. This has been scientifically proven by researchers in Chattanooga, TN

Rocky Regino loves Macaroni and Cheese and reading those magazines your mom says will rot your brain! Rocky supports UWCCR’s mission by joining the Emerging Leaders Program to help become more personal with and available to the programs that the UWCCR supports. Rocky works for Bank of America.


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