New City, New Job, New Emerging Leader

Deseanae Bluiett Intel Corporation

It is always exciting to start a new job in a new city.  There are so many possibilities and everything is a new adventure.  But how do you find out about the cool concerts in the parks, gallery openings, games and events?  Better yet, how do you meet people to check out these things with? 

One great way to dive into the local community, learn about cool events and meet new people is to get involved with a nonprofit.

I was introduced to the United Way’s Emerging Leaders Program through the Giving Drive at my office.  At first, I wasn’t quite sure what they did. Then I couldn’t attend their events. However, once I finally did attend an event, I was truly impressed by their work in the community.  Through United Way’s three Community Impact areas: Education, Income and Health, members could easily see how United Way was making a direct impact in the local community.  Also, unlike other large nonprofits, the United Way team was eager to help new Emerging Leaders become active and extremely responsive to all of my questions. 

After joining the Emerging Leaders Leadership Council, I was equally impressed by their flexibility and initiative to test out new ideas.  We have so many great events in the pipeline for increasing member engagement and expanding professional development.  I am really happy that I seized the opportunity to join this amazing organization.

Deseanae Bluiett enjoys traveling, grilling with friends and is passionate about improving education in the local community.


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