Motherly instincts tell me to help foster youth

A friend asked me today what I like to do. I told him that what I really like to do is to spend time with my daughter. She lives away at college and came home this past weekend for a long-weekend visit. We visited with family, shopped a lot, and washed her dirty laundry! I realized that I just enjoy being in her company. It doesn’t really matter what we do, it just feels so good being with her.

This made me think about so many of the foster youth in our region who graduate from high school, emancipate out of the social services system and don’t have a family to go visit or a mom who will take them shopping or do their dirty laundry. That’s why it is so important that emancipated foster youth have the skills, tools and resources they need to build a life with close friends and other people who care about them.

I am proud of the work that has been done by United Way and our nonprofit partners through the Foster Youth Flourish project over the past four years to teach foster youth important life skills while they are still in high school and to prepare them for a life on their own. Thank you to all of the generous members of the community who donate to programs that work directly with these wonderful youth and to the service providers who care more about helping these youth than the amount of their paycheck! Together in this effort, we LIVE UNITED!


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