More than a job; a responsibility

Aquanetta Gordon

This year I have been selected as one of SMUD’s Loaned Executives with United Way along with Drew Haydu. It is truly an honor for me to participate in a position that mean so much more than a job, but a responsibility.

As most of us here at SMUD know that I lost my 16 year old son to cancer in 2009, but before losing his life he lost his sight 14 years earlier to cancer. Of course, this disease has changed my life forever, but what if there is something that I could do to change the death rate of cancer victims, then that’s what I want to do. The United Way has opened my eyes to so much more than the need of cancer victims in our community, but victims of domestic violence, children that are homeless, and list goes on. The only way that a change can come is if we here at SMUD continue to do our part and make a difference in the community we serve.

I want to encourage everyone of us to look through the United Way brochure and see if there are any agencies that might be dear to your heart to give. Of course, you don’t have to give to the United Way, but give. We can make a difference even if it’s in only one persons life, together we can make our community a better place. I have been humbled so much by this experience and I thank SMUD for giving me this opportunity.

Aquanetta Gordon is a 2010-2011 United Way Loaned Executive from SMUD. She works on behalf of SMUD for the United Way California Capital Region campaign. We are extremely grateful to companies like SMUD who lend their employees to us and help us achieve awareness and change in our community.


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