LIVE UNITED and … chocolate

Let me start out by saying that I am TRULY blessed! I believe that I have the best job known to man because it allows me to work with some of the most talented, caring, intelligent and loving individuals gracing the face of this planet! One of these individuals is the Department of Water Resources CSECC (California State Employees’ Charitable Campaign) Chair, Ms. Gerri LaRue-Higgs! Here is a lady that is ALWAYS giving 150% to everything that she does; it is an extreme pleasure to know her and watch her and her CSECC team conduct an amazing campaign!

She happens to know that I absolutely LOVE chocolate and one day graciously handed me an envelope filled with my favorite kind. Now, I won’t get into the brand, because that is not what this message is about, but each delectable piece that I ate had an inspirational message written inside the wrapper. One of these sayings, really summed up what LIVE UNITED truly means to me: “Think lovingly, speak lovingly, act loving!”

This to me exemplifies what I try to do everyday as I administer the campaign with our hard-working state employees. I will tell you that even though I do not need to rehash the current economic situation, these individuals have too adopted this little saying as a mantra and are acting upon it. I have attended several events and I can tell you that the CSECC will again be a successful campaign. So many of our state employees are forsaking their own needs to lend a “hand up,” not a “hand out” to those experiencing difficulties during these challenging times.

Being able to witness these unselfish acts of kindness and compassion further solidifies why I say I have the BEST job on the planet! I would encourage each and every one of you who reads my blog to take a little advice from a simple piece of chocolate and LIVE UNITED by remembering to “Think lovingly, speak lovingly, act lovingly! Until next time…CHEERS!


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