It’s your move

Kaila Ricci

What do you do when you see a dog lost in a neighborhood? What do you do when you see a homeless person shivering on a winter night? What do you do when someone spills their papers on the sidewalk? What do you do when the person in front of you in line is $1 short on buying their groceries? Does it cross your mind that you could help? Does it resonate with you after you witness it?

We all have our commitments, our priorities and our schedules. I get it, we get it. We can all agree time is valuable, but have you ever considered how your time can bring value to others? More importantly, how your benefit to others is for the sole purpose of increasing the common good?

I hope next time an opportunity presents itself to you, that you think beyond your commitments, priorities and schedules and choose to act on it.

Well… it just so happens that it’s National Volunteer Week, so here I am presenting you your first opportunity! Go ahead and check out Hands on Sacramento instead of browsing your Facebook or Twitter page today. Take a moment to think we before me. It’s your move.


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