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Pet Peeve Alert: I hate running out of toilet paper!

Running out of toilet paper is annoying. It seems like you never remember to buy more until you are in desperate need. Then it’s even more irritating because, when you do realize you need it, it’s always right after you just made a trip to the store, and now you have to make another trip specifically for toilet paper. And it’s not like you live all that close to the store. Nor are you excited about shelling out $10 for a pack, like it’s made out of gold leaf and bunny fur or something.

Now imagine all that toilet paper isn’t just for you, but for a group of 30 people trying to help the community. That their good work is interrupted because they have to go out and buy this toilet paper. That they have to prioritize buying this toilet paper over buying pencils for a group of elementary kids who are in need of those school supplies because their families cannot afford them. That they have to find the money for this toilet paper out of a budget that could be helping others in need. This is the reality of many nonprofit organizations serving our community.

Last year, I was lucky enough to experience United Way California Capital Region’s Toilet Paper Drive, as well as helping distribute the toilet paper to UWCCR’s agency partners on the Toilet Paper Distribution Day. This experience changed my perception of the TP issue, taking it from a pet peeve to a real and tangible issue that so many of our nonprofit organizations deal with each year. Many of these organizations have to worry about not just their focus—little things like providing shelter, providing food, and providing education services—but also about providing these basic necessities, such as toilet paper, to ensure their work can happen.

United Way’s Toilet Paper Drive helps take the pressure off these organizations by providing them with a large supply of toilet paper that could last them many months, or even the whole year. This saves these organizations both money and time, which is far better spent providing any number of critical services to our community. Looking into the faces of the agency representatives as I loaded their cars, trucks, SUVs, and U-Hauls with toilet paper is all the proof I could ever need to understand how much these organizations appreciate the assistance that the Toilet Paper Drive offers.

Every roll counts! Donate as much TP as you can spare and as help us achieve our goal of 190,000 rolls. Then come out and help us distribute!

Rocky Regino loves cheese, cheesecake, cream cheese frosting, and ponies. She spends her free time writing movies where Godzilla looks for love in all the wrong places. Rocky supports UWCCR’s mission by giving as much time as she can to support our local organizations. Rocky serves as the chair for the Emerging Leaders Program and works for Bank of America.


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