I’ll never think of TP the same!
Toilet Paper Drive Blog Series Finale

Amber Lovett

When we started the United Way Toilet Paper Drive, we had no idea it would be such a hit! In early 2009, we were trying to think of some kind of drive to do that could support our local nonprofit partners and the community. We struggled with trying to do something different, yet useful. During this time, a nonprofit executive mentioned to a United Way staff person how much they spent on toilet paper every year. That’s when the idea sparked…we would hold a toilet paper drive to benefit local nonprofits!

We did some research and found out that nonprofits were spending thousands of dollars on TP every year! We knew that they could provide more services to people in need if they didn’t have to spend this money on TP. The first year, we collected 35,000 rolls and this last year more than 229,000! It sounds like a silly idea, but we’re able to save nonprofits thousands of dollars a year so they can use that money for important services. The TP drive has also become a fun, community event with support from volunteers, local companies, nonprofits, the local media, etc.! We can’t wait to see how many rolls we’ll collect next year! Until then, we’ll keep rolling along… :)

Amber Murry is the Vice President of Marketing & Communications at United Way.


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