High Heels? Again?! OKAY!
WEAVE's Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

Diana Vo

Yes, it’s true. It wasn’t that hard to convince me to participate a second time because of the amount of fun I had in last year’s inaugural event. Some may even say it was too easy, considering the blisters and bruises that followed. True, walking a mile in high heels and this year on a more visible course with a larger number of spectators isn’t my typical way to spend a Saturday. But after walking with an incredible group of guys last year who were all there to support WEAVE, how could I resist?

In my opinion, WEAVE is a extremely worthy cause. The organization provides crisis intervention services to women, men and children in Sacramento County who have experienced domestic violence or have been sexually assaulted. It is WEAVE’s mission to bring an end to domestic violence and sexual assault in partnership with our community. I’ve seen first hand the efforts of WEAVE and the dedicated staff who work incredibly hard to make a difference.

So this Saturday, mark your calendars and come support myself and two others from the United Way team (in addition to 500 other men) at Capitol Mall who will complete the one-mile course wearing high heels – yes high heels. And taller heels than you might guess. Together, we will run, walk and limp around the course while raising funds for WEAVE. Now that is how we LIVE UNITED!

If you’d like to support Cole in his efforts please do! http://weaveinc.donorpages.com/WalkAMileinHerShoes/ColeForstedt/

Cole Forstedt works at United Way California Capital Region as a campaign manager and as the Emerging Leaders liaison.


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