Helping my son LIVE UNITED

Wow!! What a wonderful way to end 2009! We had an amazing opportunity to be a part of the California Highway Patrol’s Annual CHiPs for Kids Toy Drive. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed our involvement in this wonderful event that provided toys for nearly 1,000 local children who would otherwise not have any presents to unwrap at Christmas.

We braved 32-degree weather at Cal Expo to collect thousands of toys for the children a few days before the distribution event, giving me more reasons to love my job. I always brag to anyone that will listen that I have the BEST job on the planet and trust me…I do. Outside of participating in countless remarkable volunteer events, the most important job I have is that of a mother. During the CHiPs for Kids Toy Drive, I enlisted the help of my 10-year old son, Marcos. I believe as a parent, it is important for the younger generations to grasp and understand that many individuals are less fortunate and that we should express compassion and provide a “hand up” to those in need. I want to ensure that he knows that even at a young age, he can make a difference and put a smile on the faces of many children in his community. Marcos had a REMARKABLE time at this event. He enjoyed his role as a toy guide and can’t wait to be a part of next year’s event.

In closing, I LIVE UNITED by sowing seeds of compassion and understanding in our youth and I absolutely LOVE every minute of it!

Have a GREAT 2010!!!


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