Great memory at United Way

Amber Lovett

I had the privilege of visiting Women’s Empowerment recently to write a success story about their agency. It turned out a little different than I thought. I’ve been with United Way for many years now, and I think I’ll remember it as one of my favorite moments. Lisa Culp and Amber Stott from Women’s Empowerment took me on the tour and told me all about the great things they do. Helping homeless women and children to break the cycle of homelessness is no easy job. However, the comprehensive list of services they offer are amazing! From the moment a women enters the eight-week program, they receive complete wrap-around services from physical exams, eye tests, clothes, counseling, computer training, job skills training, cooking and nutrition classes, educational assessments for their children, daycare while they’re in the program, etc. The list goes on and on.

I don’t think one aspect of helping someone pull out of homelessness is missed. And the amazing thing is that the services are done by volunteers. They’ve reached out to corporations and local companies and individuals to provide the services. After hearing about all of the amazing things they do, I had the honor of meeting one of their graduates, Kathleen. Kathleen was a victim of domestic violence and homeless when she entered the program. She told me that Women’s Empowerment literally saved her life. She was able to complete the program and now works at Salvation Army as a case worker. Pictures of graduates cover almost every inch of wall space at the agency. Kathleen showed me her picture as she was telling me her story. I ended my tour with hugs from Kathleen, Amber and Lisa, and will count this visit as one of the great memories during my time at United Way.

Check out the feature story on the front page of our Web site for more information about Women’s Empowerment.


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