The gift of giving

One thing I value and treasure is my role as a mother. When I stop and think about the responsibility that I have as a parent and the impact I have on the future, I am humbled that God would bestow such a wonderful blessing upon me. When I ponder such great responsibility, I often reflect on a quote from Jackie Kennedy, “If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.”

Because we are our child’s first teacher, I believe that teaching our children, “The Gift of Giving,” is key to raising a generation of compassionate and caring individuals. Once a week my son Marcos and I partake in a “family night” at one of our favorite eateries. As we were enjoying our meal, I noticed something entitled, “The Gift of Giving,” printed on the kid’s meal bag. After I read it, I felt that it was very much in “sync” with the principles I am trying to instill in my son. I found it so profound, that I decided to share it with you:

“The powerful act of giving
Is a way to spread a smile
Even helping in a small way
Shows you have a lot of style.

There’s so much you can do
To help others out
Like donating part of
your allowance
To a cause you care about.

No matter what the gesture
No matter the amount
Giving is great idea and
Your thought is what
Will count.”

Author: Unknown

As we make our way through this wonderful journey we call life, it is important that we do whatever we can to plant that seed of compassion, caring and understanding into our youth. Letting our children know that they are special and loved is key to their successful growth and development. Informing them of how they can get involved in our community and become a productive caring member of society is a responsibility that we should not take lightly.

Join me by adopting our LIVE UNITED movement and showing our youth how they can make a difference!


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