Generosity in tough times
Tiffany Davis, Staff Services Analyst, Office of the Director, California Department of Health Care Services

Tom Burns, 2010-2011 Loaned Executive from the Department of Rehabilitation

California State Employees are an integral part of community charitable giving in the Capital Region. In tough budget times with furloughs and pay cuts, State employees continue to demonstrate their generous support of non-profit agencies serving our community.

In its 2008-09 charitable fundraising campaign, United Way of the Capital Region raised $13,730,825. Over half of that amount, $7,833,086, was pledged by State employees during their annual charitable campaign. The generosity of State employees ensures that the state’s nonprofit sector can continue to provide a critical safety net in the Capital Region.

One of the hundreds of State employee volunteers in the California State Employees Charitable Campaign is Tiffany Davis. Tiffany is the chair of Department of Health Care Services 2010 campaign in the Capital Region. Due to Tiffany’s leadership, their1,800 employees have pledged over $81,000 to nonprofit agencies.

Prior to 2010, the Department of Health Care Services had not sponsored a golf tournament fundraiser as part of its campaign. Tiffany organized the golf tournament at Mather Golf Course and did a very professional job in helping raise over $1,000. When asked where she learned to put together a golf tournament fundraiser, Tiffany, who does not play golf, said that she researched it. This further demonstrates her initiative and outstanding leadership skills.

Tiffany also sponsored a used book and video sale that was very popular and successful. Nonprofit agencies were present at both events to educate and interact with the State employees in attendance.

Of course, the individual pre-printed pledge form is the most effective fundraising tool for any department’s campaign. Tiffany recruited and trained fifty co-workers to help her distribute the pledge forms to each employee in a personal, friendly and helpful way.

Tiffany’s creative and positive approach to the California State Employees Charitable Campaign this year resulted in remarkable generosity in tough times for local nonprofit agencies serving our community.


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