Forever family created through help from Lilliput adoption services

Erick Crans

After being married for five years my wife and I felt strongly that we wanted to see our family grow. It has always been my wife’s desire to adopt and I felt the same. After about a year and several agency visits we found our place, Lilliput Children’s Services (a United Way California Capital Region certified agency). In 2006 we started the adoption process, taking classes about parenting, adoption, and what we could expect from these precious children that would bless our lives.

About four months after our initial visit we were placed with our first child, eights months later…another, just over two years later…another. We have been blessed with three beautiful children, and often times can’t remember life without them.

Lilliput has been great. Our social worker, now considered part of the family, has been instrumental in helping our family grow. Her knowledge and support has gotten us through many long days and nights. The services and help that have been offered have made placement transitions less rocky than otherwise could have been. In the short time we have had our children we have seen them grow, thrive and blossom, developing a countenance that brightens the room.

Children are brought into the foster care system for many different reasons. Some come from broken homes, some lacked the basic necessities of life, and others had biological parents whose habits controlled their lives. Some children are labeled as “failure to thrive,” some are born addicted to drugs and alcohol, and others have no known issues at all. The point is that there are children, more than 68,000 in the state of California, that need an environment of happiness, an atmosphere of caring and the opportunity to attach and build a relationship of love in a forever family. Before we received our children, they were part of that total.

My wife and I take every opportunity to speak to others about the importance of helping these kids find a loving, permanent home. By advocating for those children that can’t advocate for themselves, we “LIVE UNITED.” For my wife and I, it has always been about finding our kids…finding our Forever Family.

Erick and his wife Linzi have adopted three children with help from Lilliput Children’s Services. Erick is currently serving as a Loaned Executive courtesy of SMUD with United Way’s campaign team — helping one of the hundreds of employers in the five-country region launch charitable giving campaigns through United Way this fall.


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