A guide to becoming a nonprofit cheerleader

Christine Endres, Volunteer

There are some things in life that simply grab you. They catch your attention and in a single solitary moment and then… you’re off! Soaring around, wind beneath your wings type feeling that you simply can’t get enough of. When I see something I want, I go and get it. But when I see a need, especially within my own community, my heart skips a beat – at which point I catch my breath, open my mind and the wheels in this blonde little head of mine start turning! In order to get involved and stay involved, I’ve developed some simple steps to what I like to call, “being a nonprofit cheerleader.”

STEP 1: Ask yourself, what do I enjoy doing most?

From cooking, to teaching, to singing; there is always a need for your specific talents. YOU are meant for something great within your community and there are over a hundred United Way certified nonprofits just waiting for your call! All you have to do is open up, reach out, and SEIZE THE DAY! Oh yes, and check your local United Way website for the list of certified agencies, that might help too.

STEP 2: Raise awareness by sitting on your rump

Most of the time, being a busy single mother, I can’t make it to committee meetings and often miss out on my favorite charitable events;  but BOY am I great at sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my favorite – the witty, obnoxious e-mails to my closest friends and family members. Passionately spreading the word of great efforts that are happening EVERY DAY in my community is my favorite pastime.

STEP 3: Find a great event that will rock your socks off!

Events are always really fun! Sometimes they are downright HILARIOUS! This is why I’m on my newest kick – recruiting every man I know to Walk a Mile In Her Shoes for WEAVE! I get to see some of the greatest, biggest, hairiest, silliest, manliest men in Sacramento strut the streets of downtown Sacramento in pretty pair of ruby red heels. I’d be absolutely crazy not to put my love and passion towards this event!

STEP 4: Allow yourself to feel the tingles…then pay it forward

The more support I give, the better I feel. It’s like getting a new haircut: You KNOW someone will take notice and perhaps follow in your footsteps. How could you go wrong? Talk about your experiences and encourage others…it’s easy and you get those TINGLES!!

Christine Endres is an outgoing and talkative nonprofit enthusiast who loves spending time with her family.


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