CSECC – a privilege to experience

Lorrie Wilson, California State Employees Charitable Campaign Liaison

For three years, I’ve had the privilege of working on the California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) as a campaign liaison. Every facet and person involved in the campaign has made an impact on my life. This experience provided me with an opportunity to meet employees from other state agencies, develop new relationships, utilize and enhance a variety of skills, and ultimately benefit so many nonprofits in our communities and throughout the world.

Through this experience, I met many extraordinary state employees who had been donating to a non-profit of their choice for years and wouldn’t dream of stopping their donations in these difficult economic times. Further, I met employees who were struggling to make ends meet, faced an uncertain future, and still decided THIS was the year they would start donating. There were numerous others who shared their experiences of volunteering their time and how this had positively impacted their lives as well as the nonprofit(s) for which they volunteered.

Most importantly, I witnessed firsthand the results of the campaign when I visited some of these non-profits and met the people who had directly been impacted because of the time or money donated to their agency.

Every day we have the opportunity to make a positive difference. For those who currently work on this campaign, I thank you. I urge you to continue your work, but would like to challenge you to think about working in a different capacity this year. There are many roles, all equally important, that make this campaign successful. For those who aren’t currently involved, please know that this experience will not only provide you a new and different experience from your everyday work assignment, it will also enrich your life, strengthen your skills and will, in turn, enrich the lives of others. Hope we see each other on the campaign trail!

Lorrie Wilson has been a California State Employees Charitable Campaign Liaison since 2008


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