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Tom Bennett

Research links higher levels of education with a host of positive outcomes—outcomes that benefit individuals and communities. The economic benefits of investing in education are clear—more education is associated with higher incomes, higher levels of employment, and greater potential to achieve financial stability and independence.

But education leads to more than just better jobs and higher wages. Education is also linked to better physical health, a longer life, greater ability to adjust to change, greater self-confidence, greater personal happiness, and more stable relationships. And more education is linked to more community involvement: educated citizens, on average, vote more frequently, volunteer more time, make more charitable contributions. United Way Worldwide in collaboration with the American Human Development Project has developed a tool, Common Good Forecaster, that will demonstrate these connections.

The Common Good Forecaster is a tool that shows the connection between education and key economic and social measures. The Forecaster allows you to change the education levels of your community, and then forecasts how those changes would affect society. For instance if the dropout rate of a community were cut in half, this would alter life expectancy and personal earnings, as well as obesity, poverty, voting and incarceration rates.
The connection between education, economic self sufficiency and health is the reason United Way California Capital Region is investing in local programs to achieve positive outcomes in these areas. Please check out our website at to find out more about how you can get involved.



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