Can’t say ‘thank you’ enough

Cherie Parsons

Hi everyone! My name is Cherie Parsons and I am a campaign manager for private sector campaigns at United Way. I have been with United Way for more than a year and I absolutely LOVE it!

First of all I just want to say thank you. I don’t feel like we can ever say thank you enough to the people in our lives whether we actually know them or they are a complete stranger. The other day I stopped at Starbucks to grab a coffee before work. When I walked in I noticed a man and woman wearing military uniforms. They were in line before me and another gentleman was in front of them. When the man in front of them was done ordering he stepped to the side so the man and woman in uniform could order. He then stepped back in line and handed the cashier some money and bought that man and women their beverages and thanked them for serving our country. They were so grateful. The man in uniform gave the gentlemen a firm hand shake and a ‘thank you sir that was very kind of you.’ After seeing this random act of kindness it made me realize that I personally don’t thank people enough. So thank you everyone for all that you do!

Cherie Parsons is a Campaign Manager for Private Sector campaigns and absolutely loves being a contributing member of her local community. Cherie is always on the go and loves living an active lifestyle with her friends, family and dog, Daisy!


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