3 Reasons to join the United Way California Capital Region’s Emerging Leaders Program
Emerging Leaders Blog Series

Rocky Regino, Bank of America

3. The longer the name of the organization, the more important you sound.

Think about it! You know you have met that guy who works with the “Fight to End World Hunger among Endangered Species and other Species that may be Threatened due to Habitat Loss and Global Warming.” What did you think of him? I bet you thought, “Wow, I stopped listening to that title about five minutes ago but darn does that guy sound important.” You can sound even more important than that guy by contacting us about becoming even more involved by joining the United Way California Capital Region’s Emerging Leaders Program Steering Committee! It is really hard to say!

2. You get to be involved in activities that I will be attending.

Seriously! You get to meet me! It’s okay to believe the hype because I am AWESOME.

1.You get to solve the mysteries of giving AND get a full workout.

How many times have you given money to an organization and wondered, ”Wow, they cleared my check quickly. Will the polar bears actually get their thermal slippers in time for hibernation season?” or “What 7-10 year old asks for a magic set for Christmas?” Well, with the UWCCR’s Emerging Leaders Program you will wonder no longer. This program gives you the opportunity to see how your dollars are being put to use in our community. Not enough for you? This program will also put all your muscles to use in many different volunteer activities so that you can make an impact with your dollars… and your smokin’ biceps.



Rocky Regino loves Macaroni and Cheese and reading those magazines your mom says will rot your brain! Rocky supports UWCCR’s mission by joining the Emerging Leaders Program to help become more personal with and available to the programs that the UWCCR supports. Rocky works for Bank of America.


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