California Capital Region Assets & Opportunity Network

Nearly 40 percent of households in our region live in liquid asset poverty, which means they do not have enough savings on hand to support oneself or their family at the poverty level for three months in the event of a job loss or other financial emergency.

Our Network works to increase the number of Sacramento region households that are asset-secure through innovative partnerships, programs and policies that reduce economic insecurity by building financial stability and success.

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Our local Network is affiliated with the National Assets & Opportunity Network, a movement-oriented group of advocates, practitioners, policymakers and others working to expand the reach and deepen the impact of asset-based strategies.










The United Way California Capital Region houses the local network and provides administrative support. The leadership of all our individual, organizational and institutional partners in the public and private sectors is key to the success of the Network.


New Data Show Millions of Families Face Steep Uphill Climb to Real Financial Security
January 2016

Seven years since the official end of the Great Recession, many economists agree that America’s agonizingly slow financial recovery is finally complete. But even though the national unemployment rate has remained steady at five percent in recent months, it’s clear to many families that the widespread economic prosperity of the past is just that—a thing of the past. As President Obama remarked in his final State of the Union address, the economy has been changing in profound ways, and the impact on household finances have been similarly profound.


Released: Family Assets Count
Financial Insecurity in the California Capital Region

In a press conference today, The Family Assets Count was released for our region, and found that 39% of California Capital Region households are financially vulnerable. 

Our local Network has a huge opportunity to move our agenda in 2015 and beyond, thanks to our participation in Family Assets Count. Thanks to support from Citi Community Development, Prosperity Now has created an in-depth report about how asset poverty impacts households in our region.


We are using this report to engage local leaders to join us in strengthening, creating and implementing locally-appropriate solutions to the challenges it outlines.