Your step-by-step guide to certification


We thank you as our partner for taking the time to ensure that our mutual donors’ dollars are being used as effectively as possible. We know that our certification process is strenuous, and it is our goal to help decrease the stress of this process as much as possible without sacrificing our mutual standards.

Health & Human Services Definition: To be eligible for Certified Partner Agency status, an organization must be a nonprofit, tax exempt organization as defined by Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code whose primary mission and purpose is health and human services. That is, the preponderance of the agency’s programs and services must:

Contribute to an individual’s functioning in the community; and/or

  • Address or prevent the onset of social, psychological, physical or economic problems or
  • disabilities; and/or
  • Extend an individual’s ability to be independent, productive and connected; and/or
  • Promote and sustain the support systems within the community: education, families,
  • neighborhoods, networks, organizations, coalitions and collaborations.

The organization’s mission statement, bylaws, budgets and current program deliverables must substantiate its health and human services focus.

The 2011-12 Agency Certification Application is available for reference only. Look for the 2012-13 Agency certification application in January of 2012.

Feel free to pass this information on to other Health & Human Service Non-Profit agencies.