Women in Philanthropy Program Change
Corporate Matching Gifts


Thank you to all the Women in Philanthropy members and friends who have been supporting our program for the past 13 years. The generosity of your gift and involvement has made a difference in the lives of so many local foster youth.

Because of YOU, 90% of the foster youth in our program learned financial literacy and started a savings account.

We have made a change in our matching gift policy for Women in Philanthropy membership. To continue the betterment of the program and success of our youth, we have amended the way we qualify donors for membership.  In the past, we have allowed members to use their corporate matching gift dollars (if applicable) to qualify them for membership.  For example, if you work for XYZ Corporation that provides a dollar for dollar match to United Way and made a personal gift of $1,500 fully designated to another organization besides United Way, your corporate matching gift of $1,500 would qualify you to be a gold member of Women in Philanthropy.

Moving forward, all members will have to provide a minimum personal gift of $375 annually to Women in Philanthropy or United Way to qualify for membership.

We will continue to honor the matching gifts as a way to promote to a higher membership level (ex. from bronze to silver, etc.).  This change is critical in order to impact the lives of more youth through our program and ensure the commitment of our members to United Way’s work.

We hope you will continue or renew your personal commitment to United Way’s Women in Philanthropy group.  If you have any questions about the change, please feel free to reach out to Casey Gray.