TP donor highlight of the day: SEIU Local 1000


SEIU Local 1000 has landed as our top toilet paper donor two years in a row! They more than doubled their donation last year of 10,302 by donating 25,000+ rolls to our 4th annual LIVE UNITED Toilet Paper Drive. The SEIU Local 1000 Toilet Paper Drive campaign was led by Mel Stewart (pictured with thumbs up) who coordinated with many of the SEIU Local 1000 District Labor Council’s, and he hit the ground running with self made flyers, posters and collection centers even before the “official” United Way promotional tools were available! 

Mel added, “With expectations high after SEIU Local 1000 was last years number one donor, we felt it was important to keep that vital link with the community non-profits and our employees charitable giving habits.”

It was remarkable when they pulled up to the curb at Cal Expo and unveiled a truck packed airtight with toilet paper. As you may have noticed, we don’t have an exact count on rolls. This is because they stopped counting at 25,000 rolls. Their donation alone helped so many local nonprofits in our region. We do not have enough words to thank SEIU Local 1000 for their commitment to achieving this monumental goal!

SEIU Local 1000 President Yvonne Walker, responded that “that the Toilet Paper Drive is a fun and exciting way for the members of SEIU Local 1000 to engage in a campaign with the United Way and their local non-profit community partners!”

Thank you for your overwhelming generosity!