TP donor highlight of the day: Intel Corporation


Every year Intel has increased their donation to the drive and this year they had an outstanding donation of 16,491 rolls! During the month of June they held TP games to raise awareness. Their TP drive coordinator Nicole England and Clair Audette-bauman hosted a TP Toss during lunch in the FM 7 Café. Vying for the opportunity to win an Intel solid state drive, employees tossed rolls into a makeshift toilet all while learning about the cost of TP for nonprofits and how those dollars could be used for valuable services

They also held a friendly competition within the three internal teams. Here are the results: GOP raised 2,580 rolls from 50 people with an average gift of 52 rolls; NSG raised 3,276 from 47 employees giving them an average gift of 70 rolls per donor and ASMO Ops brought in 10,122 rolls from 148 employees giving them the 68 rolls per employees.

Thank you for showing us how you LIVE UNITED!

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